The Expandakabin is a flat packed, man portable office and is ideal for assembling (with a socket set) in previously inaccessible locations.

Once assembled the unit can be extended (in width or length by linking additional units) or moved by crane or forklift. The unit can be demounted back into it’s neat flat pack form to be stored away, ready for  its deployment.


Also, Expandachem which is designed for the safe storage of hazardous materials; featuring double doors for easy access and a sumped base for contained spillage, with a suspended grated floor.

Ideal for siting in locations with limited access. Light enough to be man-handled and with components that are small enough to fit through small passageways.

Expandachem units can be linked together to form large open plan areas of storage space as required (side by side or end to end).

expanda_chem_1-150x150       expanda_chem_6-150x150       expanda_chem_13-150x150